Soul Silhouette

A quite long standing swap debt needs urgently to be paid… here it is:


It is quite small, a little collage on canvas board using an image I vectorized in Inkscape; I hope Diana will like it at least a bit 😉 (Sorry once more that it has taken me soooooo long…). The flaming heart is from “cheeky magpie“. The project also qualifies for the Wednesday Stamper Silhouettes theme, so I will add a comment there as well… Have a wonderful weekend!

Blue Needs Red

New challenge at the Wednesday Stampers: Blue.

I usually prefer the warmer part of the color spectrum, and am rarely seen to dive into the blues and greens. When I do, I like to use a lot of contrasting reds 🙂

Here, the background is mostly blue and computer generated. The stamp is again Paperbag Studios.


ATC’s – Stamped on Fabric

Via Artmix – as well as answering the Wednesday Stamper challenge: 2 ATC’s, stamped on fabric. Fabric first got images transferred to it using gesso transfer. Stamps: Paperbag, MM, A Stamp in the Hand. Oil crayons, my own scaloped edge paper (Basic Grey, scaloped using cutting plotter), sequins, tiny watchmaker parts and copper heishi beads … PLUS two gorgeous turquoise mother-of-pearl buttons.

Edit: Since I was asked several times how gesso transfer works, here you go: It is basically the same technique as the one using acrylic matte / glossy / gel medium. You can use many acrylic paints, and gesso, for this transfer technique. Here is a tutorial with step-by-step instructions.


Edward de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats

A “last minute” entry for this week’s theme at Wednesday Stamper. I am late in uploading this… I created it as a tribute to Edward de Bono’s wonderful work in the area of lateral thinking and creativity. He invented the “6 Thinking Hat” method for creative thinking or problem solving. Have a look here.

Thanks for another great theme and inspiration for lateral thinking 🙂

Mixed media collage on matboard using acrylics, stamps (my own and Making Memories), markers and oil crayons.

Fräulein Ingeborg tanzt auf dem Tisch oder I love Polka Dots

When the Wednesday Stamper announced this week’s theme “Polka dots” I immediately thought of that scene when Liselotte Pulver as Ingeborg dances on the table in the 1961 movie 1, 2, 3 by Billy Wilder. I like her so much because she is full of energy and temperament and has that special, charming laughter (even now, at almost 80).

Mixed media collage on matboard using acrylics, plaster “polka dots”, crayons, Copic multiliner, and MM foam stamps.