In the Water

A little contribution to Stempelvillage’s “Kreativer Freitag”: I have had this fish loitering around here for I think years – just the fish, attached to that piece of corrugated paper I had colored using acrylics. Something was missing, it was boring. I experimented a bit with combinations of different colored cardstocks and went for complementary orange. Added some oil crayon finishing touches. Et voilĂ , I am much more pleased with it now:


Bertha & Carl Benz

The world’s first automobile, the Benz Motorwagen with German patent 37435 was built by Dr. Carl Benz just a few miles from where I sit here. The world’s first long-distance drive was ventured by a beautiful woman, Bertha Benz, who – without her husband’s knowledge – drove the Motorwagen from Ladenburg via Weinheim, my home town Heidelberg, to Pforzheim, and back, a total of 180 km or roughly 110 miles. It was a real adventure, featuring her hair pin as a tool for cleaning fuel pipes, sourcing fuel at a time before gas stations… With this trip, she wanted to get publicity for her husband’s invention – and she did! … If you happen to come to this region, make sure you go see the Dr. Carl Benz Museum at Ladenburg to get a glimpse of automobile history. This little ATC is dedicated to a strong woman and the inventor of the automobile. Inspiration: Women at Stempelvillage and autos at Wednesday Stamper.