Matting Workshop

The new year is starting and I hardly have had any time to breathe – at least in terms of creativity – since mid-December. But during the last few days I participated in a very interesting course about matting and framing. It was the “real” thing, at a bookbinder’s workshop (traditionally, matting and framing original pieces of art, especially printed art, is part of a bookbinder’s tasks)… just using a carpet cutter and a steel ruler.

Let’s say, it’s not easy, but it can be done. And it takes practice. But it was a real lot of fun, we made everything by ourselves – we put together the mat from cardboard and paper, we even got to learn how to make our own frames from raw picture frame moldings, how to cut the glass. Especially doing all the required math for the glass and the matting and the frames was an interesting challenge. It was a 20 hours course full of information about paper and the different traditions… A special thanks to my husband for having me have this much fun and taking care of our son so I could participate.

Here’s an example of a mat I made using Ulla’s moo cards. It was not at all easy to cut the three mats, but I think it turned out OK and gives the pieces even more depth. Thanks again, Ulla, for these nice pieces.

Unfortunately, the scan doesn’t show the colors evenly and doesn’t focus on the images, but rather the mat.