Weich ist stärker als hart…

This is another one-on-one swap with Diana… (finally, Diana… I am sorry it has taken me so long). This was a quite difficult theme for me… a real challenge, which is a good thing!

The theme was “weich” / “soft”. And of course, I wanted to make a pillow but then Diana made one first and I decided to give it another twist. So I made a fabric bag, of which you see a detail here.

The quote is by German-Swiss poet and nobel prize winner Hermann Hesse, and translates to something like “Soft is stronger than hard, water is stronger than stone, love is stronger than violence.”

I found a cool pic of him smoking a cigarette and liked that contrast of his pose to the quote itself. I computer-generated the image and then transferred it to fabric and attached it to the bag. Stamps are the new Paperbag circle stamps. I colored the images in with oil crayons. Guess the bag is not washable, but that’s also not the point here 🙂