Crystal Rose by Sonoko Nozue

Doing some beading lately. My latest addition is this necklace with pendant after a tutorial to be found here:

I just made two changes – I used tubular RAW instead of the crocheting (couldn’t figure out the crocheting part with 15/o rocailles) and I did without the tube around the pendant – I actually created it, but it looked to massive for me once I had attached it, so I removed it again.

Advent Bling

Glittered antlers on a Schleich red deer
Advent wreath with beaded stars, vintage ornaments and angel wings
Beaded stars dangling from dining room lamp
Ornament wreath and sequin wreath
Canvas wreath inspired by Alisa Burke

Hello there !!

I am back – I can’t believe I left this blog orphaned for such a long time now. This last year was marked by the construction and move-in into our new home, so there were lots of tasks not involving any crafting;

But now I am enjoying the advent season all the more, doing lots of crafts for decorating new spaces.

The canvas wreath was inspired by Alisa Burke. I left out the sewing though and since I didn’t have such colorful buttons on hand, I used waxed beads instead. This also saved the hot glueing step – I just pinned the beads down to the underlying styrofoam ring.

And major bling is caused by the sequined styrofoam ring. This one was a lot of work, but done while sitting in front of the TV it passed in no time. The wreath is covered with literally thousands of pink and red seqins and 4 mm orange, red and pink beads.

So, hope you enjoyed my little decorations tour and wish you a warm and cosy season!