This year I decided I wanted to work more on portraits. I feel portraits are the most intimidating subject of all, as not only is it quite difficult to do them, but also – in case of failure – do I even feel to not be doing justice to the person in question. Nonetheless I have been finding portrait work extremely gratifying. It is fun and enriching to study the traits of the persons and it helps so much to actually “see” the persons. I even have the impression portrait work helps me to better relate to people. Here’s a selection of the ones I did in the last weeks.

#57 George Nelson
Enter a caption

George Nelson; Markers and Watercolor

#121 Potential for Creativity
Patrick Budde: Magic Pencil and marker
#125 Douglas Vakoch
Douglas Vakoch: different markers
alfred kubin
Alfred Kubin: Pan pastels and pencil
slow blind #71
Slow blind contour: Watercolor markers and pencils
“Erikativ”: Pencil
find a beautiful piece of art
Find a beautiful piece of art: Markers, watercolor
milton glaser on drawing
Milton Glaser on drawing: charcoal and marker
Read something: Memoirs of Hadrian; Markers and colored pencil
Jimmy Pennington on creating today
Jimmy Pennington on creating today; Watercolor and marker
john cleese on creativity
John Cleese on Creativity: Markers, inktense pencils, water
henry miller
Henry Miller on Painting: Watercolor marker
kiss feb 14
Mark Twain. Markers, graphite and magic pencils

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