Pirate Hat – Tutorial

Some more from the pirate party preparations… this is my son, wearing his pirate hat. I made it myself, by tracing the pattern (freehand) onto black fun foam and cutting it out twice. I cut the pirate image with an exacto knife from white fun foam and then sewed it onto the black frontal part of the hat. I then sewed together the two pattern parts using my sewing machine (this works, but the transporter of the sewing machine may have a hard time transporting the material, so you need to push the material a bit).

I did this for this year’s carnival, and my son loves his pirate hat. Funny thing is – the material is quite sturdy and has held up until now; this is why I decided to make the same hats for the pirate party; I only made one alteration: I stenciled the skull image (Jack Rackham’s flag) onto the fun foam using white gesso. This saved me the work of sewing all those little parts on 5 hats… I then painted on eyes and nose in black. Took me all in all about an hour to complete the project, rather easy and quick, and the material is also rather affordable …

The stencil can be made from paper and sprayed with low tack repositionable adhesive; this way it adheres quite well to the fun foam and prevents staining.

I cut the stencil using my cutting plotter. If you are interested in the GSD file, you can download it here.

BTW: see his skeleton shirt? It glows in the dark *lol*.

Pirate Party

I am wondering: Is this pirate fever a global disease or limited to my son’s kindergarten? He has been obsessed with piratery for the past few months. Of course that means we will have a pirate party for his upcoming 5th birthday.

Here are the invitations as well as some bottlecaps for decorating the successful pirates with medals after the many adventures they will have to endure.

Source of the pirate image: Guy, found on mydiecuts.com