This is one of the gazillion Fridas out there. I must confess that I am not so much a fan of her iconization, and not even so much a fan of her art – except for one, or let’s make that two, things:

  • her stunning use of color
  • her passion

But I thought it might be a nice challenge to participate in this swap. I must say, I did not quite achieve what I wanted to. I was searching for hours and hours for a photo of her in a men’s suit. I know that there must be some, since she used to wear men’ s suits in two phases of her life: after her accident (probably to conceal the effects on her tortured body) and after divorcing Diego. But I didn’t manage to find one which would be usable… also, I was trying to find a 1993 article in the German feminist magazine Emma (wanted to work with a feminist text, especially wanted to find out something about her rather insane marriage); but to no avail. So, here’s what I came up with…rather focusing on the color… since that’s what fascinates me most with her.

For Ulla via Artmix.



One thought on “Frida

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  1. ach, hättste mir mal geschrieben, ich hätte dir ein “anzug-foto” mailen können…
    aber auch so sind die atcs toll geworden. mir gefällt ja besonders das untere, wo ihre lebenskraft noch mal so deutlich wird.
    und wieso sie diesen mann hat haben und halten wollen, wird mir immer ein rätsel bleiben… ich bin da wohl nicht masochistisch genug veranlagt;)

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