Michelle has given us another interesting challenge, and I am looking forward to learn some more about the GPP players in this round. So, I will tell you a bit about myself. I live here and I was raised a few miles north in this even cosier little place (too cosy for me now…). In between, I lived or stayed in quite a few places, studied and learnt about languages and communication and worked as a conference interpreter for a few years. Want to see the places where I lived (or stayed more than 6 weeks in a row)?

  • Coimbra, Portugal, 1984, 2 months (studying… the oldest university in Portugal and student’s “repúblicas” in a country still in slumber 10 years after the carnation revolution. Amazing how the country has changed since then…)

  • Amsterdam, Holland (1986, 2 months) (internship … wonderful cultural experience; museums, theaters, Sundays at Vondelpark with free concerts)
  • Campinas, Brazil, 1987 (6 months) (studying… Brazilian Literature and Sociology, and “batendo papo” – chatting – in order to learn better Portuguese)
  • Porto Alegre, Brazil 1992 (4 months – guest lecturing at the University of UFRGS, besides getting to know the gaúcho life and sipping erva-mate)
  • Miami, FL, 1997 – 1999 (2 years) (working … at the Latin America regional hub of the international company that employs me – a fun city, but also a crazy place to live)
  • Boston, MA, 1998 (2 months) ( work assignment – really loved this city!)
  • Bogota, Colombia, 1998 (2 months – work assignment)

After coming back from the US in 2000, I settled some, got married, had a son (2003), but continue “internationally biased” by working at the globalization department of our company: at our department 600 people from several dozen nations are working together in teams spread over the continents. It is really exciting to be part of such a multicultural environment!

Nonetheless, besides making a living by working in software solution management, I do need a creative vent and therefore enjoy getting my hands on some stamps, paints and papers!


22 thoughts on “WHERE IN THE WORLD???

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  1. Sigrid – those first photos you link to are stunning! Looks like a dreamy place to live!!! Then I scroll down and read you have all over the place!! How exciting to have seen so many countries for longer than a week or two. Fascinating!! Boston is the only location I have in common with you but THAT is pretty cool considering you live in Germany. Thanks for signing the guestbook and sharing your photo! Fun to see you face 🙂 And thanks for joining in the World Crusade.

  2. Wow, all the places you have lived makes me feel so boring! And your work sounds great. I work in a company of 100 people, and it’s amazing where we all come form.

  3. Hi Sigrid,
    Heidelberg is the closest from me (till now…) since I live in Holland! Looks pretty good, Heidelberg ;-)) Seems to me you are a world citizen
    Tschuss, Hedwig

  4. Sigrid, Heidelberg by night looks awesome! I live only an hour from you (Karlsruhe) so i have had the pleasure to visit your beautiful city. And girl, you certainly have been around!

  5. Sigrid,
    The city you live in is GORGEOUS! I am awestruck by the natural beauty around you! You are so fortunate to have lived in so many different places, in so many varied countries. I am truly envious! Now I’m inspired to plan a trip or two, and hopefully one to Germany soon (I have a brother living in Vienna, Austria, so I really do need to visit Europe soon!) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sig, I’m glad to meet someone who has moved around as much as I have. I think it has brought us a wider vision for our art and our imaginations. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Star Sparkles, Ariel

  7. Hi Sigrid!

    Wow…there is just something about those photos of where you are that draws me in! You are very fortunate to have lived in so many different places and to see so much diversity!

    I have only been out of the US a few times, twice to Victoria BC and three times to Bermuda! I have always wanted to go overseas, but at this point it hasn’t happened yet!

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog Sigrid…. if you go to my website, I have a number of whale, dolphin and seal pics that your little one may enjoy!

  9. Wow, where you are from is just lovely! And so many interesting places you’ve lived (even if only for a short time). I wish I could do that for work, at least for a while. It must be hard to move so much, though… but I’d love to try it… what has been your favorite of all? Is it possible to say? Thanks for all the links to all the places so we could see!

  10. What a fabulous life! My favorite line “settled down A BIT…..” when moving is in your blood a bit is about all you can hope for. Have you made a list of every place you have been for more then two days? Likely longer then the variety being sent off to Santa. Be well! jodi barone

  11. For some reason, I can’t find the links to the photos. I think maybe this didn’t load properly, so I’ll have to come back. But you are a woman of the world! How amazing! If you did an art journal of your travels it would be like one of those Encyclopedia Britannicas my mom bought me. Your job intrigues me… but I won’t ask, because it looks Top Secret!

  12. Oi Sigrid!

    Beleza? Your artwork is very beleza. I am learning some Brazilian Portuguese where I work so I can better serve some of my clients. You have traveled quite extensively in order to learn. I love your collages!

  13. You must have many fascinating stories to tell after having lived in so many varied locales! I also work in a technical field, and really crave the time that I’m able to do art and be creative!

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