Wishing You a Wonderful Advent / Muses…

Michelle Ward asks who or what is your muse? What an amusing question… I would say, I have a lot of them. The whole world around me is my muse, the people around me can be my muses. A certain color of the sky a certain smell a certain piece of art an interesting plant a breathtaking fact a beautiful pattern a thought-provoking book – fiction as well as non-fiction… all of those can be a lot of inspiration for me. Also, in more recent times, the internet and the blog world have become important muses. Many artists inspire me, especially the German Expressionists with their vibrant use of color and line; but not restricting myself to the visual arts, since also the poetry and literature from that time has always been important to me. So, no, I do not have one muse, modest as I am, … I take the whole world 🙂

The little angel wings I found in a home deco store were inspiration for my advent wreath; I do not have a lot of holiday decoration, but an advent wreath is a must and I prefer to bind it myself instead of buying. The christmas ornaments are vintage…

So I wish you a wonderful advent season, and quiet around you so you can listen to your muses 🙂



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