Matchbox Advent Calendar

For Bärbel via Artmix. EDIT:  The original instructions are no longer on-line; however, I found a similar one, also in German, though, here. Basically, what you do is you stack 3 matchboxes in 6 layers (for a total of 24, as we count advent in Germany; if you need 25 boxes, you either stack them in a different manner (5 x 5)  or you put the 25th on top as a little present or so. Instructions for the star found here.



6 thoughts on “Matchbox Advent Calendar

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  1. wow! freu, freu, jippeh….meiner ist auch schon fertig. Bilder hab ich auch schon gemacht,.aber ich glaub,ich lass Kerstin noch ein bisschen zappeln ,oder nicht..!!??

  2. i was looking around when i looked up at the name of your blog and it sigrid that is also my name i am designer here in LA california

  3. PLEASE..I woiuld like the instructions for the MATCHBOX ADVENT CALENDAR…I clicked on the link for the instructions, but it states they are no longer in business…can you help me? Thanks so much!!

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