Für Marion via Artmix. Thought that nature’s forms like that of the Nautilus have always been great inspiration for man-made constructions.

It’s good to have kids. You want to show them the world, but in fact it is them who have you look at the world with new eyes. My four-year old son has been fascinated for several weeks now with the underwater world. So here was I, staring all anew at the beauty of the Nautilus, when I took junior to a nearby Sea Life aquarium. This is how the idea for this contribution to the architecture theme was born.


Matchbox Advent Calendar

For Bärbel via Artmix. EDIT:  The original instructions are no longer on-line; however, I found a similar one, also in German, though, here. Basically, what you do is you stack 3 matchboxes in 6 layers (for a total of 24, as we count advent in Germany; if you need 25 boxes, you either stack them in a different manner (5 x 5)  or you put the 25th on top as a little present or so. Instructions for the star found here.