Herr: Es ist Zeit. Der Sommer war sehr groß. (The first line of one of the finest German-language poems) Wer jetzt kein Haus hat, baut sich keines mehr.

And then, of course, Trakl, the one who died too early: Verfall (Decay):

Indes wie blasser Kinder Todesreigen
Um dunkle Brunnenränder, die verwittern,
Im Wind sich fröstelnd blaue Astern neigen.

Rilke and Trakl and their poems are very dear to me, and I think of them most when autumn begins, with blue asters shivering in the wind…


For Kerstin via Artmix.

Fabric Beads

These are some fabric beads. I imagine they could be made into a necklace and would work great in combination with a cosy woolen sweater for a crispy-cold winter afternoon. I made them from some boiled wool scraps (see below the bowl) and stitched Japanese seed beads and sequins on them. They are for Ulla, one of my fellow ArtMiX players.


Weich ist stärker als hart…

This is another one-on-one swap with Diana… (finally, Diana… I am sorry it has taken me so long). This was a quite difficult theme for me… a real challenge, which is a good thing!

The theme was “weich” / “soft”. And of course, I wanted to make a pillow but then Diana made one first and I decided to give it another twist. So I made a fabric bag, of which you see a detail here.

The quote is by German-Swiss poet and nobel prize winner Hermann Hesse, and translates to something like “Soft is stronger than hard, water is stronger than stone, love is stronger than violence.”

I found a cool pic of him smoking a cigarette and liked that contrast of his pose to the quote itself. I computer-generated the image and then transferred it to fabric and attached it to the bag. Stamps are the new Paperbag circle stamps. I colored the images in with oil crayons. Guess the bag is not washable, but that’s also not the point here 🙂


ATC’s “Transparencies” — Trying Out Moods

The stamps — faces, text stamp “Oh, don’t mind me, I am just trying on moods …” (isn’t that hilarious?) are a stamp set I actually won in a drawing done by Dawn Houser, wow!! They are so cool. They arrived after about a one-and-a-half-month odyssey thru the US and German postal systems, in a very cool embellished envelope and with a beautiful handmade tag. Thanks so much, Dawn!

The other text stamp “Mood meter” is Zettiology; and the background stamp is handmade by moi. Also used some of those fun “Magic” color pencils with mixed-colored core. The mood meter ATC contains two tiny watch hands which float between paper and transparency. And the small piece of vintage white and red ribbon is from my recent trip to Paris. (I didn’t get much of a chance to go thrift hunting, but I did find that little shop called “Au Petit Bonheur La Chance” which had the most wonderful mixture of this and that, and I just had to treat myself to some cool little ribbons …).

For Johanna, via ArtMiX.