Happy Birthday, Ulla

This is a birthday present for Ulla, and now that it has arrived, I can display it on my blog. Stamp is my own carving.



Herr: Es ist Zeit. Der Sommer war sehr groß. (The first line of one of the finest German-language poems) Wer jetzt kein Haus hat, baut sich keines mehr. And then, of course, Trakl, the one who died too early: Verfall (Decay): Indes wie blasser Kinder Todesreigen Um dunkle Brunnenränder, die verwittern, Im Wind sich fröstelnd... Continue Reading →

Fabric Beads

These are some fabric beads. I imagine they could be made into a necklace and would work great in combination with a cosy woolen sweater for a crispy-cold winter afternoon. I made them from some boiled wool scraps (see below the bowl) and stitched Japanese seed beads and sequins on them. They are for Ulla,... Continue Reading →

Altered Photo

For Viola, via ArtMiX . The photo is from a graffiti by James Rizzi on a Manhattan avenue (not sure anymore which). I like the serene work of James Rizzi quite a lot, so seeing this graffiti on a wall in New York was really exciting for me. The photo is about 7 or 8... Continue Reading →

Weich ist stärker als hart…

This is another one-on-one swap with Diana... (finally, Diana... I am sorry it has taken me so long). This was a quite difficult theme for me... a real challenge, which is a good thing! The theme was "weich" / "soft". And of course, I wanted to make a pillow but then Diana made one first... Continue Reading →

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