What does the color turquoise make me think of, asks Belinda on Wednesday Stampers this week…

I have a very clear and lucid memory of a wonderful American Indian piece of jewelry hanging around my English highschool teacher’s neck in the mid-seventies. Yes, it’s that long ago that I went to highschool 🙂 I was in awe and told my parents I wanted one looking just like that for my birthday; but I think my parents could not find one since the teacher had probably brought it directly from a trip to the US … and the world was less globalized back then. It was a simple strand of silver tubes with intermittent turquoise pearls and – that’s what made it special to me – awesome little turquoise birds in between the silver / pearl parts. And it may be the fact that I never got one for myself that makes me remember it now. Who knows, if my parents had found it, and given it to me, if I wouldn’t have forgotten all about it? But wishing for it made it especially precious.

So, when I think of turquoise, this is what comes to my mind.

Here’s a tribute to those turquoise birds, the way I remember them:


Mixed media collage on canvas board, stamps are Zettiology and Inkadinkadoo; acrylics, oil pastels, my own textured paper, and computer generated text.


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  1. Schön deine Karte.
    Wegen dem Photoshop, du musst dir Brushes vom Photoshop von der Internet herunterladen. Die musst du dir dann suchen. Ich weiss nicht mehr genau woher ich diese habe, ich glaube von “brusheezy.net”. Und dann digital stempeln. Falls du Schwierigkeiten hast, schreib mir eine e-mail und ich erkläre es dir besser.

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