Cheap Embellishment Tricks

New Crusade over at GPP Streat Team. Of course I will participate in that 🙂

Have a look at some tricks I use.

Textured paper:

I have a Spellbinder’s wizard and use it to texture found papers (like in brochures, give-away postcards, old magazines etc.)

Here are some examples of what I use for texturing:

  • Ikea shelf liner (see example of artwork here – the heart in the bottlecap)
  • All kinds of flat objects or charms
  • Texture plates


I usually buy cheap textile flowers (no matter what color they are), disassemble them and paint them with thinned acrylics. Works well and is much cheaper than buying scrapbook supply flowers 🙂 (example of artwork here and here)
Or I use fun foam for die cutting (see example here).

I also use the found papers to cut die cuts and assemble them in interesting ways like so).

Or I use dried flowers (like in this piece)

Other embellishments:

I like to use German scrap (relatively cheap) and colored nailheads and rhinestones.


I make my own paste papers or painted papers, scan them and change the colors in photoshop for variation, like in this digital layout.

I cut shapes from photos or other nice papers like here.


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