Smells of the USA

I made this chipboard piece in a one-to-one inspiration swap. The inspiration was “smells”. Somehow… I felt prompted to do something about the smells I remember from first arriving at the US… at an airport. And …. please, any American readers, do not take offence. ‘Cause what I remember are the smells of “greasy hot dogs and lousy coffee”. Should you, in revenge, feel compelled to create anything about German bratwurst or wanderslust 🙂 , I will take it like a good sport 🙂

Mixed Media using acrylics, diecuts, stamps, markers, coffee beans and photographs from the wonderful “Forgotten New York” site and the University of Washington Libraries.



14 thoughts on “Smells of the USA

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  1. sigrid – i realize you made this a few months ago but it’s perfect for the crusade about scent/smell! thanks for sharing your piece. ah, summer in NY, every corner selling hot dogs….but bad coffee? was it really that bad?? again, thanks for playing!

  2. Gorgeous piece! Love it, love that you remember your first smells of the big city in the USA! When I moved to Alaska, I got off the plane to -61 degree temps…the first thing I remember was the smell…the air was so clean and so crisp! I wish I could bag it for my pages.

  3. You say bad coffee like good coffee exists? I love the colors you chose and the way the eye is led about the page, rather than focusing on one central image and nothing else.

  4. LOL! You sure pegged this American smelly culture! I lived in Germany for 5 years and DEFINITELY understand your differences! AND… I love the colors you have used in your piece! Brilliant!

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