Smells of the USA

I made this chipboard piece in a one-to-one inspiration swap. The inspiration was “smells”. Somehow… I felt prompted to do something about the smells I remember from first arriving at the US… at an airport. And …. please, any American readers, do not take offence. ‘Cause what I remember are the smells of “greasy hot dogs and lousy coffee”. Should you, in revenge, feel compelled to create anything about German bratwurst or wanderslust 🙂 , I will take it like a good sport 🙂

Mixed Media using acrylics, diecuts, stamps, markers, coffee beans and photographs from the wonderful “Forgotten New York” site and the University of Washington Libraries.


Tic Tac Toe

I made this little Tic Tac Toe game for a swap. I was craving for color and contrast… and hope the addressee will like it although the color combination does tend a tad bit toward ‘daring’ 🙂


Eternal Embrace

OK, when I saw this, I just had to translate it to another WS entry. Isn’t this story just amazing and wonderful? OK, maybe not wonderful… They might have killed the girl  for the sake of eternal peace for the guy.  But even then: Wonderful…  to think of what all this  can mean to us today.  Memento mori,  to say the least…mantua.jpg