Think Pink

This is my contribution this week for Wednesday Stamper. It is a 10 x 10 cm format and was done using acrylic paints and some embellis; for example the black floral diecuts are created with the Craft Robo. Stamps are Making Memories and Hampton Art Stamps. I like the combination of pink and black… it makes it less “princess-like”. Of course, a little gold was required as well …


Circle of Friends

A tag made for a circle-of-friends address MAP. Wow, this one was a lot of work… I created the hat and manipulated the photo in Photoshop (a program which I do not really dominate well…); I made files for the tag, the embellishments, letter and name tag, then cut them using the Craft Robo cutting plotter; the frame is a design I found as a file on the paperthreads forum and cut on the plotter.


Vaseline Technique

Here are two samples of cards made using vaseline as a resist.

The technique is as follows: Paint a piece of paper or cardstock with acrylics, let dry. Apply your stamping. You can also color the stamped image now, with some markers or so. You then lay down a very thin layer of vaseline on your image. This will act as a resist. Paint over the whole image with a lighter shade of acrylics and let dry. You will then be able to remove the paint over the vaseline layer. I learnt this technique in a book called Art Specially For You.

The fleur-de-lys was done in a similar way, but with one variation. I actually put the vaseline on the fleur-de-lys stamp and stamped it down on the first acrylic layer. This works for bold, non-intricate images.