Majestic Leo

My contribution for this week at Wednesday Stamper: Leo (a duotone stamp by Anima Designs) was stamped with chalk inks.



This is a vintage pic of my father from the 1940's. I love this pic, it is so typical of him. I truly think he was a teachers' menace. When I ask him if that is so, all I get in response is that same sparkle in the eyes 🙂 And my three year old... Continue Reading →

The Four Phases of the Heart Beat

This is my this week's contribution to Wednesday Stamper. It's a canvas collage featuring an illustration from a medicine book by Fritz Kahn from 1924 as a focal point. I got it from an antique bookstore and it just has wonderful material to play with 🙂 The project is dedicated to my husband. In reference... Continue Reading →

Mixed-Media on Canvas

This is one of the first canvases I have done. I really enjoyed the process, especially because the collaging part seems to be a tad bit easier on the canvas than it is on paper. I used a handmade background and (surprise!) a Paperbag Studios stamp. Swirls are Making Memories foam stamps. Unfortunately, the scan... Continue Reading →


This week's Wednesday Stamper challenge is House ... what does it mean to me? It does not need to be much... It can be quite simple, austere and yet serene, as the photograph by Walker Evans suggests, or it can have lots of luxury and swirls and decoration, but the most important thing it needs... Continue Reading →

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