Funny Coincidence

This afternoon I read in Belinda’s Blog that a new Blossfeldt edition was coming our way this week. I had just copied some of the images I have from a Blossfeldt book to play around with them on Sunday, and I also had done a small acrylic gel medium transfer with one of his fabulous fern photographs. Now isn’t this a funny coincidence? I must say that I absolutely adore those photographs, and that I am in awe with the craftsmanship they represent. Blossfeldt himself did not refer to his photos as art, and he was mainly doing them for educational reasons. I am fascinated with this…

Blossfeldt might be a new theme for the Wednesday Stamper, wouldn’t it? Still not sure what I am going to do with the fern transfer. I used a background I had prepared with watercolor markers in turquoise shades.


2 thoughts on “Funny Coincidence

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  1. ich glaube, das wäre vielleicht ein bissl zu schwierig für alle, oder? passt ja letztendlich in flora (beim nächsten mal). glaube nicht, dass es offiziell solche stempel gibt. weiß nicht, wie es mit copyright ist. ist glaube ich noch nicht “alt” genug wie z.b. mona … ich hab im badezimmer ein farn und bin immer begeistert von den spiralen. kein wunder, dass ich drauf stehe!

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