Kleine Osterhasenbox / Little Bunny Box



Schneidet beide Teile nach der Vorlage aus und legt sie mittig kreuzweise übereinander. Klebt sie im Mittelteil aneinander. Dann mit einer süßen Kleinigkeit befüllen und zum Verschließen die Hasenteile durch die Schlitze stecken.

Cut the two parts of the template out and cross-layer one over the other; adhere in the middle part; fill with a little treat and slide the bunny parts through both slits of the oval element.

Vorlage / Template:



The Princess and the Pea


Acrylics, Gesso on paper (credit card technique from Carla Sonheim’s Fairy Tale Illustration online class).

Drawing and Illustrating

My new endeavor this year is to do more of my own stuff in creativity. I have been enjoying working with stamps and die-cutting machines and still love to do so. But I want to explore my own expressivity. So I signed up for a year long class on illustrating fairy tales with Carla Sonheim. The first two fairy tales have been worked upon, and I must say I love it so much! I feel I am learning quite a lot…

blume blume5 Rose blume4 blume3 blume2




kraehe_zeichnung papagei_zeichnung1








Testing Marabu Color your Dreams

This past weekend I was the lucky receiver of a test package for the new http://www.marabu.de/kreativ/colour-your-dreams/ line of products. It contained 4 of their new accent paints for interior decoration; the paints came in nice hues and with some tools, like a paint roller, brush, and palette-knife, a stencil spray and a huge stencil of the Paris Eiffel Tower. I was not too partial to the stencil itself, but I have a lot of my own stencils, and I had to try the paints out right away; and I must say I loved them, the process is very easy and the paints worked extremely well both for usage with a palette-knife and for usage with the paint roller; I used the paints on small wooden dimensional frames, and I just love how they turned out:




Once I had my stencil cut out with my cutting plotter machine (or you could use a store-bought stencil or cut one with an exacto knife and some acetate and apply the stencil spray), I just had to apply the paint over the stencil and remove the stencil. It literally was done in 5 minutes. The stencil can be used several times, just spray it in again with stencil spray and clean it well with water as long as the paint is still wet. I used the silver metallic paint with the paint roller, and the result was a nice and even layer of color, with an elegant metallic sheen. And then I tried the palette-knife and champagne relief paint, it has just a little bit of glitter and also turned out beautiful and crisp. The paints are meant for wall decor, but – as you see, you can also use them for other objects and projects.

What I also liked was that the paints are water-based, can be washed out of your utensils just with water and don’t smell unpleasantly.

So, I’d like to say thank you to Marabu for having me test the paints, it was fun and I am sure to do some more testing soon. I have some more ideas of what I could do with them.

Some Beading … after a long while


Inspired by a necklace from Marcia deCoster’s new book “Beads in Motion”. The smaller beads are antique Czech 3-cuts, larger are Miyuki Duracoat galvanized Eggplant 8/0.

Colorful Advent Calendar

This colorful advent calendar is made of 24 little drawer boxes. Material used is 1 mm matboard covered with colored paper and white die-cut numbers, also from matboard. I used the Sizzix ScoreBoards Candy Drawer die (designer Eileen Hull) and Word Play die (designer Tim Holtz). I like the ScoreBoards dies a lot because they are so versatile, it is absolutely inspiring. And you get fast and accurate results, since you don’t need to bother about measuring, scoring, hand-cutting…



The Halloween candy jars are finished and filled. I used Eileen Hull’s Sizzix ScoreBoards candy jar die – I like those very much because they are so versatile. I just embellished them with a black rosette, a fun Halloween sticker and some rubbed-on chalks.


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